Shanmao and Jimi

Shanmao and Jimi
Theme song from Shanmao and Jimi Adventures
作词 Deng Zhangzhu
作曲 Liu Hua
演唱 Jason T. Hurley

The English edition of 小小英雄.


They're Shanmao and Jimi, looking for adventures, unbeatable mighty heroes.

They're smart, they're funny, kungfu masters.

Venturing through a magical land, a wonderful place, so many worlds to see.

Shanmao and Jimi, the heroes, brave and strong, defending friends victoriously.

Who can it be, daring to challenge Shanmao and Jimi, they're invincible.

They're Shanmao and Jimi, join the adventures, with Shanmao and Jimi.